Wash Care Guide for your Dirty Clothes!

Have you recently moved out of your parent’s place and are suddenly finding yourself with large amounts of unwashed clothes piling up?

BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Get ready to take another step towards feeling independent by learning - HOW TO WASH YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES!

It’s super simple once you understand the basics!

Step 1. The Rule of Thumb here is to make sure you ALWAYS read the Care Instructions on the Clothing Label! This gives you a clear understanding of how best to treat a particular garment! Use the below Care Instruction guide to assess the care instructions :

Courtesy ihateironing.com

Step 2. Separate your Laundry - Sort your laundry pile on the basis of Colour (white and coloured clothes separate) and type of Fabric.

Step 3. Select the Right Washing Cycle - Be it Normal, Quick, Permanent Press or Delicate. Refer to the fabric’s care instruction label for the same.

Step 4. Set the Right Water Temperature - Hot Water is required for killing germs,  sanitises and cleans an especially dirty garment. Also Hot Water may not be great for all garments as it may shrink them, fade them, may set certain stains and requires more energy! Warm water is used for moderately dirty clothes, dark colours and permanently press cycles. For fabrics whose dyes might bleed, and less to no dirty clothes, use cold water cycle. Cold cycles also require less energy.

Step 5. Add the Detergent, Disinfectant, Stain Remover and Fabric Softener.

Step 6. Load the Washing Machine and keep in mind to NOT overload the machine.

Step 7. You’re ALL SET. Press the Start Button!

Step 8. Ensure you leave the washing machine door open till it dries off completely after the wash.

Washing clothes could be a chore, but it helps you stay organised and empowers you to do your things in your OWN TIME and your OWN WAY!

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