TO-DO LIST and its Benefits!

Feeling Overwhelmed with the Quantum of Work and Chores to be completed at home? Do you forget to do things that are important? Do People have to chase you to get things done? Do you find it a struggle to keep to deadlines?


GOOD NEWS - You are NO different from any other person who doesn’t keep a list of things in hand that are need to be done! Human Brain just CANNOT process all this information with timelines and keep a record of it!!


BAD NEWS - You still need to get the job done!!!


So What’s a TO DO LIST?

A list of tasks that are required to be done on a particular Day/Date and time and its priority! You can choose a Fridge Magnet Board, a Diary or your daily scribble notebook! But what would work best in this day and age is - A Calendar with lists of tasks on Google/Outlook Calendar Applications! Keep the list on your phone to make sure its handy.


What are the Benefits of a To-Do List?

A To-do List acts as an external memory aid! It reinforces information which makes it less likely to forget something!

It increases Productivity. The prioritisation of work makes it easy to see the most important and the urgency of the tasks of the day! When you know what to do and specialise in how to do it, it helps you keep abreast with the quantum of work while figuring out how to complete it - step by step!

It reduces Anxiety - which is the direct result of worrisome thoughts for things going wrong in the future!

Most importantly, Creation of a To-do List is the first step towards completing a task. This releases Dopomine - a neurotransmitter that is responsible for generating feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness, also motivating you to continue completing tasks!

Stay on the top of things! MAKE A TO-DO LIST TODAY!!!

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